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Tarmo Tulit is a Commercial and Editorial Photographer based in Limerick, Ireland.

Tarmo is specializing in the areas of Editorial Portrait Photography, Editorial and Commercial Food and Drink Photography, Architectural Photography, mainly focusing on Interior and Exterior Photography for businesses, but he is also shooting editorial content for various magazines, including Portraits, Fashion, Food and Drink and Lifestyle. Tarmo has been shooting for clients in different corners of the globe, including South East Asia, South Africa, and various locations in Europe.



“As a professional, I’m a big believer in these 3 elements - Branding, Storytelling, and Quality over Quantity. For me these elements are closely intertwined, and the only place to start to create strong imagery - photos that will add value to the cause and the purpose.
I also believe in collaboration and teamwork, utilizing the strengths and knowledge of everyone involved in the process. And last but not least - having fun when doing it. What’s the point of it all otherwise!?”


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